Sloupský vyhlídkový okruh

The approximately 4-kilometre tour of the loveliest rocky lookouts of Sloup was modified and information panels and benches were added in 2004.

The marking begins at the local swimming pool as well as the castle of Sloup. Pod Stráží street will take us to a renewed forest road to Lesního divadlo (Wood Theatre); then following the green marks along a forest trail we will ascend to the Sloup region's loveliest lookout at the former chalet Na stráži. Soon we will approach the U křížku crossing with a wooden cross. Climbing further up we will come to the Dolní Hraběcí road. We will go past Emanuel Max's lookout, the Hraběnčina (Countess's) lookout, Castle lookout and Maxmilian's lookout offering marvellous panoramic views of Sloup, Nový Bor and the Lužické Mountains.

At the end of the Dolní Hraběcí road we will turn towards the rock town of Sloup, where we can enjoy the view offered by three more lookouts. On our way back we will pass through Konvalinkový důl and return to the village past the local graveyard.

This circle is marked in green.

Sloup v Čechách