Keltové ve východních Čechách

The Celts have been the main feature in the Regional Museum in Jičín from 24.01.2014. The new exhibition which will last to the 2nd of March introduces the world of the ancient ethnic group, and displays the skills of the Celts in agriculture, craft, and trade.

The visitors can admire the archaeological findings borrowed from the museums from the Czech Republic. The exhibition is completed with interactive elements which enable the small and grown-up visitors to identify with the role of the Celts.

The exhibition also includes the most significant findings from the Jičín region and the grave items of a male from Bystřice, and small sword with the handle in the shape of human body (i.e. anthropomorphic) discovered in the 19th century in Brickworks near Údrnická Lhota.

The exhibition „Celts in East Bohemia“ was established in cooperation with the Association Boii o. s. and East Bohemian Museum in Pardubice and other partners within the group „Historie jinak“ (History viewed differently).