Trpaslík a jeho svět v Jičíně

Search high, search low – you will find dwarfs everywhere. And, if you wish to enter their world, the Regional Museum and Gallery in Jičín is the perfect destination for you. The castle gallery has prepared an exhibition entitled “The Dwarf and His World” which is dedicated to dwarfs as an indestructible and controversial phenomenon of the past and today.

Among many exhibits, you can see Baroque sandstone figures from the atelier of a famous sculptor and carver, Matthias Braun, samples of industrial production of traditional garden dwarfs and also references to dwarfs in other artistic creations, e.g. illustrations, music and fairy-tales.

The highlight of the dwarf will be an exhibition of sculptures by Kurt Gebauer, including his 3.8-meter high „miniature“ of a giant dwarf donated to the town of Hořice.

The exhibition will run until 15th September 2013 and will also remain open on Mondays during the summer holidays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.