Bezbariérový výlet okolím Jičína

This trip is about 5 km long. It is suitable for people with reduced mobility, people in wheelchairs, families with children, and partially also for inline skaters.

You can start right at the information centre on Wallenstein Square, where the staff will be happy to give you both advice and a map. From the Wallenstein Square, you walk through the Valdice Gate to the smaller Žižka’s Square, where you can refresh by the fountain or have your picture taken with a dragon. From here, continue down Havlíčkova Street, at the top of which there is a U Dělové koule (Cannon Ball) restaurant. The restaurant is barrier-free, offering first class service. At the end of the street, behind a traffic circle, starts a two-kilometre avenue of lime trees. In summer, it provides you with pleasant shade, and protection against the first raindrops. The asphalt surface makes this part of the trip is also suitable for inline skaters. At the end of the avenue you will find the Wallenstein Loggia located in the Libosad forest park, with a trail and a hermit. During the summer season, the Wallenstein Loggia opens daily. For current programme go to

After visiting the summer house, you can go to mount Zebín; accessible all the way to the All Saints’ church via an asphalt road. From here, the more capable tourists can continue to the top. People in wheelchairs and others can visit the Zebín farmyard where horses are kept. You can then take the panel road back to Jičín. This road takes the ‘wheeled’ visitors back to the lime trees avenue in part of town called Soudná. Others may return to Jičín by way of Milohlídky na Čeřovce, a view tower, offering a limited view due to the surrounding forest park. Walking around the hospital takes you to another traffic circle and the beginning of the lime trees avenue where the journey started.