Mácha’s region is situated in the south west part of the Liberec district. Its southern edge, which is the district of Kokořín, stretches to Středočeský kraj (Central Bohemian District). In 1961 the tourist guide Máchův kraj (Mácha’s region) was published. Its author František Patočka  defined the area’s borders for the first time, including an area of 1813 square kilometres.

To the east, the region reaches the town of Český Dub, then runs along the river Jizera to the towns Mnichovo Hradiště, Bakov nad Jizerou, Mladá Boleslav and up to Krnsko.

The southern border is formed by the district of Kokořín, while the south west border is defined by the small river Liběchovka from the village Liběchov to Zakšín.

The west is set by the towns of Úštěk and Verneřice, while the northern border leads through the valley of the river Ploučnice up to the village Osečná.

This publication covers a smaller area. In the north its border is set by the town of Česká Lípa and in the west by the towns of Kravaře and Blíževedly. In the east it is defined by the Ralsko former military area and in the south by the important districts of Dubsko, Kokořínsko and Bělsko.

The heart of Mácha’s region is the town of Doksy, along with Mácha’s Lake and the town of Dubá which creates the point of departure into the beautiful countryside of Dubské Švýcarsko and Kokořínsko.

The gothic royal castle Bezděz in the east, together with the castle ruins of Starý Berštejn in the west and castles Houska in the south and Ralsko in the north are the dominant features of Mácha’s region.