Hotel Aurum***

Hotel Aurum offers accommodation in town Černý Důl, in region Giant Mountains.

The Hotel (including the depandance) has available 46 rooms with 100 beds. In the main building there are 32 rooms with 72 beds, in the depandance then there are 14 rooms with 28 beds. Double rooms, three-bed rooms and suites of rooms are fitted with a shower bath, WC, telephone, satellite TV, central video and a radio set.

Suites and a part of rooms in the depandance have air-conditioning, in selected rooms connection to Internet is possible. Two rooms are equipped as immobile ones.

Accommodation for families with children
For familes with young children we offer accommodation in two-room appartments for discounted price or in double rooms with extra bed or a cot. Apartments are equipped with a kettle and microwave oven. Extra bed or cot for your kids for FREE.

Large children's corner
A large children's corner is just next to the restaurant.

You can book a ride on mountain ponnies.

Children's playground
There is children's playground and a shallow pool with sunbathing chairs just opposite the hotel.

Open fire place
There is an open fire under a pergola near the hotel where you can sit and have a chat with your friends. If the weather is nice the fire/grill party takes place every Friday.

Babysitting for FREE every Saturday between 16:00 - 18:00.