Wothanburg - Curia Vitkov medieval fortress

The Curia Vitkov is an attempt to build a replica of a rural manor house - curia - from the 12th century. Therefore, a complex of buildings typical for this kind of early-medieval residence is being built on a raised ground above Horní Vítkov. The Curia Vítkov links a landlord`s residence and a centre of crafts and economy.

This remarkable structure was built by a group of enthusiasts several years ago. Demonstrations of seizing a fortress or training Roman legionaries take place several times a year. The building also features a medieval craftsmen`s village, where ancient crafts are demonstrated.

Location: The fortress is situated above Horní Vítkov, from Chrastava to Albrechtice u Frýdlantu and Frýdlant.


Horní Vítkov u Chrastavy, Chrastava, 463 31

Phone:+420 485 143 161
GSM:+420 737 962 913