Hlavatice - hiking trip to lookout tower

Hlavatice is positioned on so called Golden Trail of the Bohemian Paradise, above Turnov, and here our journey starts.

Length of the route: 12,7 km

We will walk on the red trail through the view point Hlavatice to Valdštejn Castle. After that we turn on the blue trail, so called Anger Trail. It is named after forrester serving some time ago in the estate of von Aaehrenthal who contributed to establishing arboretum Bukovina. We walk on this path through the view point Janova vyhlídka, and are using the steps which lead us next to the rock formation Čertova ruka (Devil´s Hand) where in the Middle Ages was a wooden defensive castle, but the other settlement had been there many years before that. We will be coming under a rock tower named Kapelník (a conductor), which is some sort of symbol of mountaineering in the rock town Hruboskalsko. At the springs we will turn right, and following the yellow trail we will come to a view point called Mariánská vyhlídka, and then we will come to a crossing above the place called Adamovo lože (Adam´s bedding). From there we will go to arboretum Bukovina where they are growing trees mostly from North America. Then we follow the blue trail to Kacanovy and after 1 km we will turn to Radeč wayside shrine which is here to commemorate the village, which was removed because of a game-preserve to be established here. Then we will take the green trail which will lead us back through Valdštejn Castle to Turnov.