To the lookout tower Štěpánka

A walking trip for the whole family to the Štepánek lookout tower and back.
Course of the route: Příchovice, church * Příchovice crossroads * Pension Hvězda * Štepánka and back Route description: The starting and finishing point is Příchovice. From the church of St. Víta in Příchovice we will head northeast along the blue tourist sign. At the Pod Štěpánkou boarding house, we cross the road and climb up to the forest border, where we turn right at the tourist signpost. The blue marked turn will take us to the top of Hvězda. Příchovice Holiday settlement with many guesthouses and hotels. The first mention from the 16th century, today part of the village Kořenov. The three-nave Romanesque church of St. Vita from the second half of the 19th century has an oak interior. The protected maple maple tree can be found in the farm near the Kořenov - Příchovice road. Its age is estimated at 260 years, tree height about 25 m, trunk diameter 430 cm. Štěpánka The goal of our trip is a stone neo-Gothic lookout tower from 1847 - 1892, 24 meters high, built on the Hvězda hill (959 m above sea level) above Příchovice, named after Archduke Štěpán. The lookout tower is open all year round in good weather. From the lookout tower there is a nice view of the Giant Mountains, the Jizera Mountains, but also the Bohemian Paradise and the Lusatian Mountains. We return the same way along the blue tourist sign.