Soušská and dry dam

A bike trip from the Jizerka settlement over several hills and refreshments around the Ruptured Dam.
Course of the route: Mořina * Mariánskohorské boudy * Kneipa * Smědava * Jizerka * Mořina 
Route description: From Mořina, take the Promenade along route 3020 to the crossroads below the Vlašský ridge, where we turn left and descend onto the Equestrian Route. After that we will pass over the Soušská dam around the Protržená dam to Mariánskohorské bouda and further to the crossroads on the northern edge of Antonínov. Here we turn right and take route 3022 to the U Kneipy crossroads, where we turn right and take route 22 along the Kasáren road to Smědava. Following the same route 22, we continue through Jizerka to the car park in Mořina.
Bukovec - a nature reserve with an area of ​​57 ha declared on a dominant volcanic hill. An educational trail passes through the locality, from the top at an altitude of 1005 m above sea level there is a nice view in good weather. 
Soušská dam 
Sprinkled dam on Černá Desná from 1912 - 15, gradually technically modified. Recreationally used in the 1960s, and since the mid-1970s a drinking water tank for the Jablonec region with a strict ban on swimming. 
Mariánskohorské boudy 
They were built in the early 18th century for cattle herders. Today, four and the newly built service of the Jizera Mountains Protected Landscape Area, a source of drinking water, have been preserved. 
Ruptured dam 
Remains of a spillway dam on Bílá Desná, which ruptured in 1916 and caused extensive flooding in Desná. 65 people died and huge material damage occurred. Since 1996, a cultural monument, the rest of the dam, the slide tower and the underground gallery to the Soušská reservoir have been preserved. In the vicinity of the NS with 6 stops, it acquaints us with the course of the catastrophic floods in 1916. 
In Kneipp 
Crossroads in the central part of the Jizera Mountains at the western foot of the Jizera. The kiosk is open in season. The natural monument of the same name with a top peat bog.
The solitude of Bílý Potok with a mountain hut from 1935 and a car park, enabling access to cycling and hiking in this part of the Jizera Mountains. 
The highest settlement in the Jizera Mountains (861 m above sea level) surrounded by peat bogs. From the 16th century, the well-known site of semi-precious and precious stones, one of the species, ilmelite, was named iserine after the site of the find. Since 1995, a monument reserve of folk architecture has been declared. The glassworks from 1828 was in operation until 1911. At present, including the neighboring Manor House, it has been repaired. Nearby is a manure house, renovated after a fire. Its former owner Gustav Günzel collected the strangest souvenirs from around the world. The Jizera Mountains Museum in the building of the former school, which documents the nature and history of the Jizera Mountains.