Břehyně-Pecopala Nature Preserve

The national nature preserve is situated to the northeast and east from Máchovo Lake.

The locality comprises the Břehyňský Pond, a favourite destination for a lot of waterfowl species, such as the black stork (Ciconia nigra), heron (Ardea cinerea), kingfisher (Alcedo), reed wren (Acrocephalus), etc. The locality around the Břehyňský Pond, the peat bog and swamp, is the habitat of rare and protected vegetation species. The water surface is rich in pond lilies and water lilies. The passage made in the dyke takes water away to the nearby Máchovo Lake.

The nature preserve also comprises sandstone uplands with ragged canyons and romantic passages. The highest top is basaltic Pecopala (Pec i.e. Furnace), height 451 metres above sea level.

Locality: to the north from Doksy.


Doksy, 472 01