Welcome to Nová Ves nad Nisou – the source of the Lusatian Nisa. The source of the Nisa in Nová Ves nad Nisou is first mentioned on a 1713 map as Neisborn, later on Müller’s map as Neisbronn. In 1850 there was an inscribed stone at the source, according to records from the former Malá Skála estate. The village of Nová Ves nad Nisou has used a stylized drawing of the source of the Nisa as its emblem since about 1900.

The first development of the site was proposed in 1899, when the original Nová Ves Society undertook to site a plaque to commemorate the source. However, the differing views of members of the Society and the landowner postponed its completion for thirty years. In 1929 the Society provided access to the source. On June 29th the following year, amid great celebrations, the stone monument we see today was unveiled. After WWII the original inscription on the stone, Neissequelle 1930, was complemented by a Czech text. However, the monument together with the surrounding meadow gradually became more and more overgrown. In 1980 the original inscription was replaced with a bronze plaque (sadly stolen in 2008). The site was rejuvenated in 1997 by the Nová Ves Community Council and volunteers, who also helped to reinstate the path and stones around the source. The spot became the starting point for the Odra – Nisa International Cycle Route measuring some 591 km leading to the Baltic Sea.

In 2000 a boarded walkway was constructed following the first part of the route to the neighbouring village of Smržovka, thereby opening up previously inaccessible picturesque countryside. There one can turn left past the three Nová Ves lime trees and the 1810 wayside cross up to the Nová Ves ridge and the 35m Nisanka tower, so named after the nearby spring. The view from the tower of the surrounding hills is breathtaking. Souvenirs featuring the source of the Nisa crest are available for sale.

Comprehensive restoration of the entire site including the monument and spring was carried from 2009–2010 by the newly formed Nová Ves Society together with the Community Council and with financial support from Liberec Region. The new plaque was designed by sculptor Jiří Dostál, the plaque was created from Šluknov syenite and stainless steel by Rostislav Dvořák (stonemason) and locksmiths Pavel and Jaroslav Lubas from Nová Ves. Included in the new monument is a Nová Ves nad Nisou source latten stamp which can be used by visitors as a rubbing. At the gala re-opening of the source of the Nisa on June 12th, 2010 the Mayors of Nová Ves, Smržovka, Lučany nad Nisou and Jablonec nad Nisou were present to reopen the first stone bridge across the Nisa.
Nova Ves nad Nisou

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