Ajeto Bohemia, s.r.o.

As their representational sample room and art gallery, the AJETO Glassworks had chosen and subsequently reconstructed an old patrician house from 1923, located on T.G. Masaryk avenue in Nový Bor.

This building, which had been devastated to a large extent, underwent intensive rebuilding and reconstruction in 1996–1997 and the new AJETO Gallery was ceremonially opened in October 1997. After about three years, in 2000, AJETO decided to remodel its gallery and sample room completely and asked its art director, Bořek Šípek, to draw up an architectonic design for the whole reconstruction project. The subsequent construction works were carried out in a record-breaking short period of time and the Gallery was ceremonially opened for the second time on the occasion of another year of the International Glass-Making Symposium (IGS) in October 2000 with the participation of dozens of celebrities from the international glass-making art and design sphere.

You will be absolutely astonished by the external design of the Gallery, especially by the main entrance and two original shop windows, designed by the art director of the AJETO glassworks, Bořek Šípek, no less.His work is also extensively presented inside the whole Gallery, where you can see glass objects from the collection titled "Šípek for AJETO", exclusive furniture from the collection titled "Šípek for SCARABAS", and light fittings from the collection "Šípek for SCARALUX". Here you can even admire and walk under the luxury chandeliers designed by Bořek Šípek for Karl Lagerfeld, the French fashion designer known as the king of haute couture.

However, the names of and works by other glass-making artists and designers from the whole world are also represented in the Gallery. In another part of the exposition, there are exhibited other glass gems from the glassworks' own production, representing the works executed by glass-making art masters from Lindava and other creators invited to cooperate. Yet another section of the exposition comprises copies of historical glass from various time periods and styles produced in Petr Novotný's studios.

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