A Pilgrimage Around the Česká Lípa Region

The Pilgrimage Around the Česká Lípa Region is a new tourist track which will take us on a tour of the region`s sacral buildings.

This track commemorates the Old Pilgrim's Path, but has been expanded to the east. The main part of the track starts in Žitava and goes to Horní Police past eight sacred places, in the vicinity of which you will find six more interesting stops. The individual locations can be visited separately or enjoyed as a tour.

8 sacred places:
Žitava – Church of the Holy Cross (DE)
Oybin – Open-air museum of the castle and monastery (DE)
Jablonné v Podještědí – Basilica of St. Vavřinec and St. Zdislava
Mimoň – Holy Sepulchre
Zákupy – chateau and chapel
Česká Lípa – Augustinian monastery
Jezvé – Church of St. Vavřinec
Horní Police – Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

6 other stops:
Cvikov – Calvary, Church of St. Alžběta
Sloup – rock castle and hermitage
Svojkov – Modlivý důl
Velenice – Holy Sepulchre hewn in rock
Jiřetín pod Jedlovou – Křížová hora
Rumburk – Loretta

Ceska Lipa

Česká Lípa, 470 02