Sedmihorky Children\'s Educational Forest Trail

An educational trail for young and old visitors.

Length: 3 km

Number of stations: 17 stations

Trail description: This educational trail is designed especially for young visitors. A task or riddle is prepared for them at each station. For example, children can play a wooden xylophone, imitate animal sounds, trace leaves, and much more. In this fun way, children and their parents can obtain basic information about the forests of the Bohemian Paradise and much more.

Trail route: A circular trail leads along roads with hiking signs, forest paths and local roads surrounding Sedmihorky Camp, alongside the Bažantník and Hruboskalsko Nature Reserves. The recommended starting point is Sedmihorky Camp.

A children's Guidebook for the educational trail is available, in which children may write and draw what they have seen and done during their walk. It can be purchased at the Reception of  Sedmihorky Camp, in some Information Centres and in the building of the Administration of the Bohemian Paradise Nature Conservation Area (CHKO Český ráj).


Sedmihorky, 511 01