Auto-camp Sedmihorky

Auto-camp Sedmihorky offers yearlong accommodation in a beautiful surroundings of forests and rocks at the frontier of the national reservation Český Ráj (Bohemian Paradise) and the Skalní Město (Rocky Town), about 6 km from the city of Turnov in the direction of Jičín, Hradec Králové (road I 35).

Auto-camp Sedmihorky is the winner of the survey “TOP Camp 2011 – 2012“

Railroad and bus stations are located 500 m away. Access roads are marked, the driveway to the camp as well as all paths within the camp are asphalt-laid. Other surfaces of the camp are grass. The whole camp is lit. The entrance gate is closed at night. During day there is service at the gate. The camp is at the altitude of 260 meters above the sea level and takes the area of 4.64 ha.

The Auto-camp Sedmihorky offers accommodation for total of 200 in cabins. The free space can be used either for caravans or tents. There are 250 lots with electric power outlets (10 A) both for caravans as well as tenets. Parking of vehicles is possible just beside the cabins or tents. Dogs are allowed in the camp. There are facilities (showers and toilets) within the camp, cooking is possible in common Kitchenette. There is also a laundry room available in the camp.


Sedmihorky 72, Karlovice, 511 01

Phone:+420 481 389 162