Hotel Ort offers accommodation close to city Jičín, in town Nepřívěc, in region Bohemian Paradise.

The ORT hotel offers the accommodation in rooms with 2, 3 or 4 beds with their own social facilities (WC + shower) and a SAT-TV-set, and in two apartments (2+2 beds).

Complementary hotel services and sport offer:

- Sauna

- Water massage

- Table tenis

- Mountain bikes

- Horseriding (farm Borčice)

- Rafting (river Jizera - it depends on water-conditions)

- Climbing (equipment and a guide included)

- Tenis court Sobotka

- Sightseeing flight - the Bohemian Paradoxe

We can organize a dance-evening or a disco for you.

In winter it is possible to organize 3 days-ski-drill in Harrachov (equipment included). In the rest of a week staying we make trips to Prague or to the neighbourhood of the Ort hotel. It is a bargain-package of services for student groups.


Nepřívěc u Sobotky 18, 506 01

GSM:+420 724 737 878