Apartments - Recreational Centre Ráj Srbsko

Sports and recreation complex Raj Srbsko offers accommodation near the pond Komárovský - Branžež, in the village Srbsko. This locality belongs to the tourist region of the Czech Paradise.

Sports and recreation complex Raj Srbsko - accommodation:

For accommodation you can choose:

Apartments are located in two brick buildings. Apartments offer comfortable residence facilities for a family of four or a group. They consist of two rooms with shower, toilet and television. Each of these apartments has its own entrance.

Double rooms are equipped with a sink. Toilets and showers are common to all rooms. Rooms are equipped with TV.

Sports and recreation complex Raj Srbsko - other services:

There are both outdoor and indoor courts for tennis and squash, volleyball, beach volleyball, bowling, indoor heated pool, gym, solarium, sauna, mini-golf, etc.


Srbsko 32, 294 02

GSM:+420 602 177 937