New season at the castles and châteaux in our region

Come and start the new season at the castles and châteaux in our region…

The Frýdlant Castle and Château – a building with a guided tour which includes the castle and the château

The originally medieval castle was expanded into a renaissance château in the 16th century and it became the property of the famous Duke Albrecht von Wallenstein who made it the centre of his Frýdlant Duchy. The last aristocratic owners were the House of Clam-Gallas who opened the castle to the public in 1801. As such, Frýdlant was the oldest castle museum in Central Europe. Visitors can see the castle interiors (recollections of Albrecht von Wallenstein, the knights’ hall with portraits of the owners from the House of Gallas and Clam-Gallas, the armoury, the lord’s office and a collection of pipes) and the château interiors (the representative rooms, the ladies’ and gentlemen’s rooms, a child’s room, a bathroom and a kitchen with the preparation of meals). All of the areas are appointed with the original furniture, paintings, porcelain and other accessories. The tour also includes the renaissance chateau chapel of Saint Anne.

The castle administration has prepared two new features for 2015: there will be a new exhibition of monstrances and chalices, which had previously been stored in the depository, in the chapel. This will be therefore be the first time that these items have been exhibited.

A special tour route has been prepared for small visitors during the summer holidays. On it, they will discover how people lived in the castle and they will be able to hold a replica sword, to sit in the seat of the castle’s lord and to view a children’s room.

The popular cultural events which take place in Frýdlant especially include:

15.–17. 5.: The Wallenstein Celebrations, during which there will be an evening show at the château on Saturday evening (16. 5.) and breakfast with Wallenstein on Sunday (17. 5.). The details will be further specified in cooperation with the town.

An Audience with Albrecht of Wallenstein (6. 6., 8. 7., 6. 8., 12. 9.): the Duke will be present at the château all day on the stated dates and every visitor will be have the opportunity to meet him. These meetings and discussions with visitors are often quite exceptional!

The large jazz concert in August – the date will be specified / either 19. 8. or 26. 8. /

29. 8.: The Night at the Castle – a night time tour of the building with a surprise

Christmas at the château – the date and program will be specified

The Frýdlant Castle and Château
Zámecká 4001
464 01 Frýdlant
tel.: 482 312 130
GPS: N 50° 54' 55.166" E 15° 05' 01.838"

This year, Grabštejn Castle will offer two tour circuits

Grabštejn Castle was established in the 13th century. It later underwent numerous modifications which gave it the features of a comfortable château. Grabštejn, which became part of a military facility after it was nationalised in 1945, was first opened to the public in 1993. At present, it is not only possible to view the castle’s gothic cellars, but also the rooms on two of its floors and visitors are acquainted with all of the significant stages of the castle’s history when visiting them. The areas which are open to the public include the renaissance banquet hall, the hall of the ancestors with baroque portraits of the owners, the rococo salon, the lord’s office or the bedroom of Countess Josephine Clam-Gallas with accoutrements dating from the beginning of the 19th century. The pinnacle of the tour is the renaissance chapel of Saint Barbara with rich painted decorations dating from the 16th century. The castle tower offers views of the distant countryside.

The visitor’s season starts on 1st April and visitors will also be able go on a shortened tour with a statue of Saint Barbara, which will be dedicated to the castle’s patron saint, from 4th April. A special tour focussing on the cellars is also being prepared for the main summer holidays. Grabštejn also offers tours with Saint Barbara for families with children – the tour is led by a costumed guide and the children complete tasks during the tour. At the end they receive one of the seven keys which are needed to open the mysterious secret chamber (you can find more about this project at

Invitations to some of the cultural events held at the castle (a selection):

19. 6. The celebration of the summer solstice

1.–2. 8. The craft fair at Grabštejn

29. 8. The Night at the Castle – in addition, there are also a number of night time tours, festivals, concerts and other cultural events: details can be found at

The Grabštejn State Castle
463 34 Hrádek nad Nisou
tel.: 482 724 301
GPS: N 50° 50' 45.631" E 14° 52' 34.075"
FB – Grabštejn

Lemberk will celebrate twenty years since the canonisation of Saint Zdislava this year

The Lemberk Château was established as a result of the reconstruction of the medieval castle where according to legend Saint Zdislava of Lemberk not only lived, but also performed miracles. The château surprises visitors from the very moment they enter its richly decorated baroque courtyard; inside the château, further points of interest include the chapel, the hall with its rare coffered ceiling with painted motifs from Aesop’s fables, the armoury or the scullery where the cooking was done over an open fire. The château interiors with stucco ceilings which are furnished with historical furniture, paintings, glass and ceramics or other object d’art bear witness to the life of the aristocracy in the period of the fading renaissance and the nascent baroque. The person of Saint Zdislava of Lemberk is also recalled by the so-called Zdislava Chamber dating from the 17th century where according to legend the godly aristocrat lived and meditated. The so-called Zdislava Well is also located near the château.

The 2015 season will belong to Saint Zdislava, because this year we are celebrating the 20 anniversary of her canonisation. The celebrations are planned for the entire year in collaboration with the town of Jablonné v Podještědí and the Dominican monastery. The first event in these celebrations will commence at 10:00 am on 1. 5. 2015 with a church service at the basilica in Jablonné followed by a historical procession from the basilica to the Zdislava Well where the spring will be ceremonially blessed, after which the procession will head to the Lemberk Château, where there will be a cultural program (stands, music, theatre…). At the same time, the Saint Zdislava Benefit concert will also be held on the same day in the château and a new exhibition entitled Zdislava – the Historical Personality and the Development of the Cult will be opened and it will remain open to the end of the season. The château’s exhibition will be supplemented by the opening of the Anniversary of the Canonisation of Zdislava exhibition on 21. 5. in the cloisters of the Dominican monastery which will provide a connection between two historical buildings which were also joined by the life of Saint Zdislava.

The following cultural events (a selection) will also take place at the Lemberk Château in addition to the celebration of the saint’s canonisation:

30. 5. The Zdislava Fair – the opening of the Zdislava Chamber to pilgrims. The exceptional opening of the Zdislava Chamber to pilgrims with the option of prayer and meditation. The Chamber will be open throughout the entire day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

2. 6. The opening of a new tour circuit. The permanent opening of a new tour circuit focussing on the development of artistic styles from the end of the 18th century. The tour circuit will be opened without a guide.

The Lemberk State Château
Lvová 1
471 25 Jablonné v Podještědí
tel.: 487 762 305
GPS: N 50° 46' 39.325" E 14° 47' 16.338"

Other monuments in the Liberec Region


Bezděz castle is one of the best preserved early gothic castles in the Czech Republic. As well as tours of the castle areas, there is also the option of distant views from the top of the so-called big tower. Bezděz is known from history for the imprisonment of King Wenceslas II or as an inspiration for the work or Karel Hynek Mácha. In May, there is a traditional night time ascent to the castle and during the main season, the castle administration offers tours which include sword fighting displays. Weddings and commercial hire are also possible by arrangement.

Bezděz Castle
472 01 p. Doksy
tel.: 723 774 904
GPS: N 50° 32' 20.548" E 14° 43' 11.607"

Hrubý Rohozec

This four-winged château with a long history and a rich structural development offers visitors more than twenty richly appointed rooms which in the past served as representative and residential rooms for the members of the House of Des Fours Walderode which originally came from France. As well as the château rooms, it is also possible to visit the medieval cellars, the lord’s office with the servant quarters and the English park adjacent to the château. The building and the park can be used as a venue for weddings, there is a café in the building which hires out games which can be played in the park and there are occasional guided tours in full costume.

The Hrubý Rohozec State Château
511 01 Turnov
tel.: 481 321 012, 725 181 569
GPS: N 50° 35' 54.131" E 15° 09' 27.542"
FB – The Hrubý Rohozec State Château


The neo-gothic Sychrov Château, which was once the residence of the French House of Rohan, is richly appointed with original furniture, paintings and other accessories. Most of the rooms also include rich wood carvings. The château is open to the public all year round, every day including Mondays. In July and August, the château also offers children’s tours with a princess, but there are also cultural events, concerts and exhibitions throughout the year. The château and the park can be hired for weddings and for commercial events. The château’s orange grove in the English park is used as a cafe.

The Sychrov State Château
no. 1, 463 44 Sychrov
tel.: 482 416 011
GPS: N 50° 37' 34.772" E 15° 05' 20.241"
FB – the Sychrov State Château, the official website


This bizarre ruin of a gothic castle built on the peak of a volcano has become a symbol of the Bohemian Paradise. During the tour, visitors are acquainted with the castle’s rich history and its structural development, but they can also ascend the castle tower known as the “Crone” or the lookout under the tower known as the “Maid”. Both places offer unique views of the wider environs. It is possible to see one third of Bohemia whenever there is good visibility. The castle is available for hire as a wedding venue, while there are also occasional night time tours in July and August.

The Trosky State Castle
512 63 Rovensko pod Troskami
tel.: 481 313 925
GPS: N 50° 30' 59.756" E 15° 13' 49.704"
FB – Hrad Trosky/Trosky Castle


The extensive baroque château in Zákupy served as the summer seat of the abdicated Austrian Emperor and the last crowned King of Bohemia, Ferdinand the Good, in the 2nd half of the 19th century and it is now a unique example of a Habsburg residence in our country. A rarity in the château’s facilities includes a preserved passenger lift made by the Ringhoffer Company and dating from 1870. A brown bear is kept in the château’s moat. There is a French garden and an English Park in close proximity to the château. The château offers a shortened children’s tour with a princess, cultural events, advent tours and the option of wedding and commercial hire.

The Zákupy State Château
Borská 1
471 23 Zákupy
tel.: 487 857 278
GPS: N 50° 41' 14.441" E 14° 38' 37.246"
FB – The Zákupy State Château – the museum of history

An offer for visitors – we also offer a tour of the building as a gift in the form of a gift voucher. You pay the basic entrance price and we will send you a gift voucher which will be valid until the following season by arrangement. We will pay for the voucher and the postage. The recipient can keep the voucher: the recipient merely presents the coupon which the voucher contains at the cash desk – more information: or on the websites of the individual monuments.

text: Lucie Bidlasová