Pension 51 offers accommodation in town Janov, close to city Děčín, in region Czech Switzerland.
The whole region is interwoven with hiking and cycling trails.

Janov lies in the altitude of 320 metres and it is an ideal place for outings and trips to the nearby sandstone rocks. There are numerous rock formations among which the best known is Pravčická brána (Pravčická Gate), a 21 metres high and 30 metres long rock bridge. This rock formation is unique of its kind in Europe and can be found 5 km away from Janov.
Right in Janov there is a newly built golf course. There are tennis courts and riding facilities nearby.
You will find the guest house - Pension 51 in the centre of the village and we offer you:
  • year-round accommodation with capacity of 10 beds, (i.e. one room with four beds and three twin-bedded rooms)
  • a lounge for 14 people
  • a car park for guests only
  • bikes and motorbikes storage facilities
  • sitting on the terrace or in the garden