Nový Bor tourist information centre

The information centre provides information about the town as well as the entire area of the Lužické Mountains.

The information centre is located in the centre of the town, in T.G. Masaryk Square. It provides information services related to Nový Bor and its surroundings. It also provides information about transport, accommodation, tips for trips as well as an overview of cultural and social events.

The information centre also sells postcards, maps, souvenirs and promotional materials and also offers a PC for use and an internet cafe. It offers Nisa Euroregion cycling maps in 4 languages, Nový Bor Monthly as well as various souvenirs - visitors to Nový Bor and the surrounding region can buy wall calendars, small pocket calendars as well as products by the mysterious healer Kitl - Životabudič, which will pour new energy into tourists' veins, or Locksmith's ointment, which will relieve sore muscles and joints after demanding treks.

mailNovy Bor

Kalinova 106, Nový Bor, 473 01

Phone:+420 487 726 815

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