Autumn walk to the ruins of Zbirohy castle

Discover place in the Bohemian Paradise which are not visited frequently and take a pleasant autumn walk to the village of Michovka and the ruins of Zbirohy. The trip will take approximately 4 km.

Park the car in the car park in the village of Michovka and follow the blue tourist sign which will take you after a while to the forest to the signpost ‚U tůňky‘ (by a pool). From there follow the green sign to Zbirohy. During the entrance to the castle, you may notice the residues of bastion and cistern for water by the palace. The residues of the masonry were maintained up to 10 m including the rooms under the north wall. The castle is accessible and you may review all the rooms partially carved in the rock.

On the way back, walk downhill to the village of Zbirohy which is just under the castle. Then take the local road (red cycling route) to the left up a mild hill and you will reach the car park Michovka.