Observation tower - former parish church of the Birth of Virgin Mary, Jablonné v Podještědí

The parish church used to be one of the most important buildings in every town. It was an exceptional work, for the nave of the church occupied an area exceeding 24 x 16 m and its height was over 10.5 m.

The earliest mention of the church can be found in the documents of Tobiáš of Bechyně the Bishop of Prague from 1279 - 1290. The church suffered great damage during the Hussite Wars and after being struck by a lightning in 1758. Then it was repaired and reconstructed only to be reduced a ruin in the devastating fire of the town in 1788. The decision to set up the town's brewery in the site saved the building; the brewery was in operation until 1933. In 2003 the observation tower offering a breathtaking view of the town and its surroundings was opened.

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