Rock Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre near Velenice

The rock chapel of the Holy Sepulchre near Velenice is one of the most impressive examples of the utilisation of rock massif for a sacral building in the Baroque period.

It was made in an elongated chamber with a portal and two side windows hollowed in a vertical rock wall just off the road from Velenice to Jáchymov. There is an altar tomb to keep the body of Christ in the axis of the chamber opposite the entrance. The lateral corridors feature reliefs of the Passion hewn in the rock, in a folk realistic way with traces of several layers of polychrome. The chapel was an important place of pilgrimage as late as the 19th century.

Location: 0.7 km from Velenice, 10 km from Česká Lípa


Velenice, 470 02

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