Sejkory chapel is historically tied with Bozkov and used to be a place of pilgrimage.

The chapel is near the well-known Masaryk lookout point offering a stunning view of Kozákov, Bozkov and a part of the Krkonoše Mountains. The name of the place is connected with president T. G. Masaryk, who admired the lovely scenery from this lookout during his visit to the Semily region.

In 2008 the chapel of Sejkory underwent a vast reconstruction funded not only by the municipality of Bozkov, but also the Liberec Region. The reconstruction involved replacing the binding and covering the roof with riven slates. Finally, the outer facade was repaired and painted. In 2009 the village issued a jubilee tourist stamp, which can be bought at Bozkov information centre in the square and the kiosk at the parking lot.