Stations of the Cross on Vysoký hřeben, Bedřichov

The Stations of the Cross on Vysoký hřeben in the woods above Bedřichov date from 1878.

Josef Klamt, the then owner of the land, had Stations of the Cross built there. He did so because his sight had improved after drinking the local water. In the course of time other sacral buildings were added. The place was consecrated in 1903 and eventually became popular with both believers and tourists.

Nearby, a mountain chalet, known as Hašlerova chata, was built and used as an observation tower, among other things. Unfortunately, the original chalet has not been preserved and the site is now occupied by the Murano Hotel, but the place of pilgrimage was restored after 1989. In 1996 twelve new stations (by Reinhold Hüttmann) were installed at the site of the original Stations of the Cross and so was an altar painting on a tin sheet (by Libuše Rýdlová) in one of the stone blocks.

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