Basilica of All Saints, Česká Lípa

The basilica is part of the former Augustinian monastery which was founded in 1624 by Albrecht von Wallenstein.

A church school, which gradually developed into the current Gymnázium v České Lípě grammar school, used to be located in the Augustinian monastery. The District Archive Česká Lípa was also located in the monastery. Today, the buildings of the former monastery are home to the Homeland Museum and Gallery.

The basilica is located on the site of the former monastery church, which was heavily damaged by fire in 1661. In 1700, construction of a new monastery church began and seven years later it was consecrated. The onion-shaped dome on the tower burned down when the town caught fire in 1820 and was replaced by a provisional spire which has lasted to this day. The church was promoted on 9th July 1927 to basilica minor, i.e., an Apostolic Church, as indicated by the emblem of Pope Pius XI above the entrance to the basilica.

The church interior is fitted with wooden benches, of which the first two rows are decorated with artistic carvings from the late 17th century, and altars from the 18th century. In the organ loft there is an organ made in 1848 by the company of Franz jr., Joseph and Anton Feller from Libouchec. After its repair in 1940 it was preserved in a uniquely original state and is one of the largest and best instruments of its kind in the country.

Services are still held at the Basilica of All Saints and cultural events of the town (e.g., traditional Christmas market) are organized on the grounds of the monastery (the current Homeland Museum and Gallery).

Ceska Lipa

Česká Lípa, 470 01