A trip to the oldest lookout tower in the Jizera Mountains

Take a beautiful trip to the picturesque village of Příchovice near Kořenov, where you can look around the local landscape from the oldest lookout tower in the Jizera Mountains, from Štěpánka. The view from the Štěpánka lookout tower is really beautiful. In addition to the western Giant Mountains, you can see mountain cottages from here to the Souš dam, Jizera mountain, Ještěd, the valley of the towns of Tanvald and Desná, and in nice weather you can see other more distant landscapes.
The construction of the Štěpánka lookout tower was started by Prince Camille Rohan in 1847 in honor of Archduke Štěpán, who at that time had a great influence in the local area. At first, however, only the base of the tower with the entrance was built here, and then the work on the lookout tower was stopped for almost 40 years. Archduke Stephen had to leave for Hungary the following year, so the prince stopped the building, which grew to a height of six meters, because he did not intend to celebrate someone who had lost political influence. He tells so many facts. However, the legend of the Štěpánek lookout tower translates something completely different. The legend of the Štěpánka lookout tower says that the prince had the construction suspended on the advice of a gypsy, who predicted that as soon as he completed the lookout tower, he would die. Prince Rohan therefore stopped the construction of the lookout tower. After 40 years, the mountain association took over the lookout tower from the prince and completed the lookout tower within 4 years. In 1892, work on the Štěpánek lookout tower was completed and Prince Rohan actually died a few months later. Today, however, we will no longer find out whether the gypsy really predicted the future so well, or whether it was just a coincidence. However, it is essential that Štěpánka serves tourists to this day. 
The Štěpánka lookout tower is 24 m high and is open all year round. Near the lookout tower there is a wooden stand with refreshments and right in front of the lookout tower there is also an interesting stone table with a bench, which stands at its entrance. Children will certainly appreciate the wooden swings and the sandpit, where they can have a great time if their parents want to have something good to eat at Štěpánka.