Knight tournaments in Dětenice

Sounds of sword blades, jousting and screams of the warriors… Come and raise your adrenalin level by watching these incredible stunts of gallant knights and their high-spirited steeds at knight tournaments in Dětenice! Knight tournaments take place in the Dětenice tiltyard everyday in August, except on Mondays.

Year round, every Saturday between 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. you may take part in a non-traditional tour of the château chambers accompanied by a witch!

In the flickering light of candles, the witch Žizelda, who lives in Dětenice, tells vividly and in her own way the story about how people used to live in Dětenice. This all-year-round Saturday programme is suitable for all children and we believe that adult visitors will enjoy it as well.

And what else can you see at the Dětenice Castle?

The Baroque Dětenice Castle offers 14 fully furnished rooms with secco and fresco wall paintings as well as Baroque and Rococo stuccos. The château interior is based on materials found in archives, dating mainly from the 18th century. This gives visitors the taste and style of what it was like to live as a member of the gentry at a typical landed estate.

The entrance hall houses unique collections of weapons of the Knights of Malta including approx. 350 pieces of weaponry dating from the Thirty Years’ War featuring unique ship canons from the momentous battle of the island of Rhodes of 1522. The château also houses a large collection of hunting trophies. After the tour, you can have a stroll in the château park where you can find ancient and unique tree species.