Through the Hrubá Skála Valleys to the Kopicův statek Farm and Vajdštejn Castle

This strenuous trip (the black level of difficulty) in the Turnov surroundings will show you the beauty of the Hrubá Skála region. You will see one of the oldest castles in Bohemian Paradise, Valdštejn Castle, and the Kopicův statek Farm, a fine example of folk architecture.


Kacanovy at the cemetery - blue hiking trail, 1 km Kopicův statek - blue hiking trail, 1 km, the Jižní sedlo trailhead - red hiking trail 0.8 km Valdštejn - red hiking trail, 2 km Bukovina - blue hiking trail, 1 km, the Třetí trailhead - green cycling path 4012, 2.5 km Kacanovy - blue hiking trail, 0.5 km, Kacanovy at the cemetery.

The length of the trip: 10 km

Mechanical wheelchair difficulty:strenuous, requires escort

Electric wheelchair difficulty: strenuous, requires escort

Suitable for baby strollers: YES

Route description:

The trip starts on an asphalt parking lot next to the cemetery in Kacanovy. Follow the blue hiking trail towards the Kopicův statek farm for 1 km. You will climb a steep hill all the way to the Kopicův statek Farm along a coarse asphalt road with drainage canals (critical point, photo No. 1).

From the farmhouse continue along the blue hiking trail towards the Janova vyhlídka View Point. After 50 m from the farm, turn right onto a flat dirt road. After 100 metres, the road ends and a sandy-rocky path begins. There is a rest area at the beginning of the forest.

Next is a moderate climb and after 200 metres, you will see roots across the path, but they are not too high and can be crossed (critical point, photo No. 2). After a 30-metre steep climb, you will reach a flat stretch and a slight descent to the Jižní sedlo trailhead; from there turn left and connect to the red hiking trail to Valdštejn Castle.

Next is a flat section and a decline along the middle hill where two 10x10 cm drainage gutters cross the road (critical point, photo No. 3). They can be well crossed. Next is a flat stretch of 200 metres that will take you to Valdštejn Castle and you can also go inside. There are wheelchair-accessible restrooms in the castle.

Return to the Jižní sedlo trailhead from here and follow towards Hrubá Skála. From there, you will descend for about 250 metres; there is a drainage canal from flat rocks on the path (critical point, photo No. 4) that can be well overcome even without an electrical wheelchair. Along the path you will see many beautiful views of the Hrubá Skála rock formations. Unfortunately, the view points are hard to access and there are several roots on the path (critical point, photo No. 5).

After 500 metres, you will reach a moderate decline along a rougher rocky road and then the Bukovina trailhead. You can visit the local arboretum here.

From the trailhead, continue to the right along the blue hiking trail towards Vyskeř. The path has asphalt surface and after about 200 meres it starts to slowly decline. You will pass sandstone rock formations. After about 1 km you will reach the Třetí vrata trailhead where you leave the blue hiking trail and continue along the green trail with a coarse asphalt road all the way to Kacanovy (2.5 km). On the crossroads in Kacanovy near a car repair shop, turn right ontp the main road and climb a moderate hill of 0.5 km that will take you back to the parking lot.