The relics of the ruined castle are found at the ridge of the Staropacké Hory, covered with forests, some 3.5 km to the north from Nová Paka.

The castle was probably founded in the 13th century by a member of the large family of Načeratice. At the beginning of the 15th century, the property of Levín was connected to the Kumburk estate. Later, the Levín residence was deserted and deteriorated probably during the period of the Hussite wars.

The castle had been built on the steep rock cliff that stretches from Nová Paka to Levínská Olešnice. It was divided from the rock ridge at the southeastern side by a deep ditch and surrounded with a high rampart and another ditch behind it. The main gate was in the rampart: it was the means of access in the spacious yard. At present, you can see only remnants of the walls and ditches.

Access: On foot, the best way is from the the railway station in Levínská Olešnice, about 1 km along the tourist trail, or from Nová Paka via Podlevín (about 4 km).

Levinska Olesnice

Levínská Olešnice, 514 01