The Zahrádky Chateau is situated at a wonderful locality in the middle of a park at the edge of a sandstone platform.

The history of the chateau in Zahrádky begins around 1556 when Kryštof Plot from Koňařiny is mentioned as the district commissioner at Nový Vítkovec (the previous name of the castle). It was built by Jan of Vartenberk, who had the interiors renovated as well. Since then, there were various possessors within the family of Vartenberk, of which Jan Jiří of Vartenberk was the last. As he had been an active participant in the rebellion against the Hapsburg power (1619-1620), his possessions were confiscated.

The castle was bought in 1623 by Albrecht of Valdštejn. At that time, the furnishings were really valuable, there was an excellent library and a gallery, and an outstanding park with abundant valuable tree species. When Albrecht of Valdštejn was murdered (1634), the chateau was in the possession of his wife Isabella and later his only daughter Marie Alžběta, who married Rudolf Kounic, the chief gamekeeper. The Kounic family kept the property of Nový Zámek until 1897, when the family line died out. The chateau then went into the hands of Jan Lichtenstein and Emmanuel Liechtenstein.

After 1945, the chateau was kept by the government authorities. In the 19th century, the rock canyon of the Robečský Brook (so-called Peklo) became a part of the chateau premises; at present, it is a natural monument with abundant presence of St. Agnes's flowers. The Valdštejn linden alley was added as well (trees aged 300 years): the alley leads through one of the oldest pheasantries in Bohemia, now breeding Angora goats and mouflons.

Unfortunately, the chateau was burnt during a three-day-long fire at the turn of January/February 2003 and was seriously damaged.


Zámek, Zahrádky u České Lípy, 471 01