The first record in writing of the existence of the water fortress in Kopidlno is from 1527. This historical fortress was removed in the middle of 17th century during the construction of the castle.

The current castle is placed in an extensive 12 ha park with a pond. It is a detached four-wing early Baroque building with a courtyard with open, currently glazed, pillar arcades. Except for the single storey central part of the east wing, the castle is a double-storey building sheltered by hip roof. The frontpiece with the entry portal is decorated with bossage and Schlik crest dated from 1674, facing south. Robust gate with two carved lion heads originates in the 19th century. The frontpiece also includes the sundial. The roof is decorated with the Baroque lantern tower with a clock and onion dome, with the tail star at the top.

The east side of the castle includes a memorial plate on the moulding with the text: An Gottes Segen, ist Alles gelegen.Erbaut vom Erwein Graf Schlik, im Jahre 1875/6. Loose translation: Everything lies in God’s blessing.Built by Ervín, Count Schlik in 1875/6.

The castle interiors are arched on the ground floor and mostly flat on second the floors. The wooden cassette ceilings and lining originating in the second half of the 19th century, i.e. the period of the last reconstruction, are maintained in two rooms on the second floor in the west wing.

A recognized construction in the castle park is the winter garden built in 1894, inspired by the Schönbrun palm greenhouse. The 7.68 ha park is extensive, with natural landscape, rich in dendrology (41 coniferous taxons and 129 deciduous taxons). After 1945, the castle became the state property. From 1948 it has been used as the head office of secondary agricultural school, currently the secondary gardening school. The interior areas are adjusted for the school requirements; however the original disposition from the last castle reconstruction was basically maintained.


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