In the 16th century, the originally Gothic castle was rebuilt in a representative Renaissance chateau. The best-known and most significant owner was Kryštof Harant of Polžice and Bezdružice (1564-1621), the famous traveller, writer and musician.

The was castle burnt in 1830 and in the course of time it was nearly ruined. At present, it is open to the public.

Expositions: The guided tour comprises seven interior rooms, torture chamber and cellars – all of these in the renovated Harant Palace. The expositions on the first and second floors are focused in particular on the history of the castle, the life and the work of the best-known owner of Pecka Castle, the traveller, writer and composer Kryštof Harant of Polžice and Bezdružice, in fact, on the Renaissance and early Baroque periods. One of the rooms depicts the life of rural people in the region of Krkonoše.

Occasional fencing shows and theatre performances take place in July and August.

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