Mělník Regional Museum

The Museum is located in the reconstructed premises of the Capuchin monastery. It was established in 1888 and is one of the oldest museums in Bohemia.

The Mělník Museum strives to capture quite a wide spectrum of life in the Mělník Region, both in the past and in the present. Besides its expositions focusing on the history and nature of the Mělník Region, the Museum has two specialised expositions - the history of pram production in Bohemia and Czech viniculture. The first floor of the main building was singled out for the Mělník Region, its history and nature. The cellars are used for the viniculture exposition, including a tasting cellar, where visitors may try dozens of wine samples.

The newly created exposition of prams is located in a separate building, only about 100 m away from the monastery, where an overview of the history of production and development of prams from the middle of the 19th century to the 1970s is installed on two floors.

The Museum organises a number of interesting expositions and events for children as well as adults all year round. In the ticket office you will obtain not only tickets for the expositions and exhibitions, but also information about the city or its surroundings and promotional materials, or you may buy souvenirs, maps, publications or wine there.