Karel Hynek Mácha Memorial - Hospitálek

The Karel Hynek Mácha Museum is currently located in the Hospitálek building, originally accommodating a local poorhouse and orphanage.

This significant Romantic poet visited Doksy and its surroundings several times, taking a great fancy to this region. In his most famous poem Máj (May) he celebrated it so much that the region has borne the poet's name - Mácha's Region -since 1961.

1. The time and work of K.H. Mácha - the life and work of the significant Czech poet, K.H. Mácha, in the centre of the region where his poem Máj was written.

2. Gallery of paintings of the 19th century

3. Fishing and pisciculture in the Česká Lípa Region - fish farming and fishing, the history of pisciculture and the most important fishponds of the district.

Location: under the central square, in the direction towards Máchovo jezero (Máchov's Lake).