Kost Castle is one of the best-preserved Czech castles from the late Gothic period. It was founded in the mid 14th century by Beneš of Vartemberk.

Despite a lot of renovation activities, the original silhouette is well-preserved. Its dominating elements are the rectangular Bílá Věž (White Tower) and a smaller cylindric tower named Lidomorka (Hungry Tower). The premises comprise the original Kost Castle and the Renaissance Bibrštejn and Lobkowicz Palace (added later). Visitors are offered four guided tours. )

Tour 1 - THE KINSKY FAMILY IN BOHEMIA (family portraits and paintings related to one of the oldest noble families, 50 - 60 minutes).

Tour 2 - TORTURE CHAMBER (dedicated to the criminal justice of the 16th - 18th period, 50 - 60 minutes).

Tour 3 - a combination of Tour 1 and Tour 2 (140 minutes).

Tour 4 - a short (complementary) tour along the castle exteriors (30 minutes).

Locality: the rocks 4 km to the west from Sobotka.

Access: yellow trail from the railway station in Libošovice or the red trail from Sobotka.