Mining Museum, Harrachov

The Mining Museum in Harrachov offers a unique opportunity to look back at the history of ore excavation technologies in Bohemia, which dates back to 1760 in Harrachov.

Here, visitors may take a tour of the mineralogical collection, a number of documents, objects, tools, instruments, mine plans and other materials giving an idea of the work in a mine. The exposition also includes a tour of an underground drift, which is about 1,000 m long.

Here we can get acquainted with preserved machines dating back to the last century and the parts of the drift which are still operational. Apart from a complete mine hoist, we can see mine trucks, an accumulator room, locomotive, loader, etc. The tour of the drift takes about one hour and visitors have to wear protective coats and helmets. The route of the tour leads through a typical environment of an ore mine, is covered with chippings and illuminated.

Because the Museum is heated, the temperature here stays at the steady level of 10-12 °C all year round. It is situated opposite the central parking lot behind the coach station in Harrachov, five minutes' walk on an asphalt road turning right to the premises of ADOS CZ a.s. (the former ore mine).