The Sobotka and Dolnobousov areas: From Sobotka to the Podtrosecká údolí Valley

A moderate trip– 16 km.

SOBOTKA, nám. – Dolní Mlýn, Dolský rybník (5 km) – Nebákov (7,5 km) Podsemín (8 ,5 km) Údolí Žehrovky, U Přibyla (9,5 km) Libošovice (12,5 km) Libošovice, vlak (13 km) Nepřívěc (13,5 km) – Pod Humprechtem (15,5 km) SOBOTKA (16 km)

The Sobotka and Dolnobousov areas together form a transitional region between the Labe lowlands and the hilly area of Jičín with rock formations, castles and chateaux. In the town of Sobotka you can visit the charming Humprecht Baroque chateau; not far from there is one of the best preserved Gothic castles called Kost and its adjacent nature reserve – the romantic Plakánek valley. The town of Sobotka has a long-standing cultural tradition; there is an urban conservation area with well preserved folk architecture houses and Classicist and functionalist buildings. The Dolnobousov area used to be known as a pond region with more than fifty ponds. There are numerous examples of well preserved folk architecture in the area, including log houses of the Jizera type and a unique collection of log belfries. Vast peaceful forests that spread both to the north and the south. The landscape is slightly hilly, suitable especially for bicycle riding.

Sobotka – this town with a distinct history and cultural tradition is the south gate into Bohemain Paradise (the Šrámkova Sobotka Czech language and literature festival, the Sobotka craft fair and a festival of artistic crafts are held here; it is an urban conservation zone); folk architecture (Šolcův statek, Gansův dům, etc.), Classicist and functionalist architecture, a square valuable from the urban planning perspective (with Fráňa Šrámek’s birthplace and museum), the Cathedral of Saint Mary Magdalene, a cemetery with graves of famous Sobotka natives, the poets Fráňa Šrámek and Václav Šolc. The Humprecht hunting chateau from the 17th century is located above the forest park; a municipal outdoor swimming pool.

Humprecht (B1) – a little Baroque chateau with an elliptical floor plan (designed by C. Lurago) was built between 1666 and 1672 by Jan Humprecht Černín based on the Galata Tower in Istanbul. It was used as a hunting chateau. In the middle of the building is a 16 metre tall room with interesting acoustics. The tower gallery offers a view of the surroundings.


náměstí Míru, Sobotka, 507 43