The Lomnice area: From Železnice to Bradlec

An easy trip – 11 km.

ŽELEZNICE, nám. – Železný (1 km) – odb. na vrch Železný (1,5 km) Bradlec, S rozc. (5,5 km) Bradlecká Lhota, bus (7,5 km) – Kamenec, ranč (9 km) ŽELEZNICE, nám. (10,5 km)

The Lomnice area

This area located in the northeast part of the region is significantly distinct from the region’s central part because of its geological structure. It lies past the sharp dividing line between Mesozoic sandstone formations and older mountains that spread from Ještěd over Tábor hill to the town of Jičín. In the north-east, it is defined by the Krkonoše foothills. The reduced permeability of the geologic bedrock forced five major rivers to run through the area. Therefore, the local settlements are in more of a linear arrangement, the climate is sub-mountainous and so is the nature of numerous folk architecture structures.

The town of Lomnice nad Popelkou became famous thanks to the production of biscuits, wafers and sponge biscuits. Historically, it is also the first place that witnessed skiing. Since the beginning of the 16th century, linen production has taken place here. The dominant feature of the Lomnice area is Tábor hill with its lookout tower that dates back to 1888. The area also offers other first-class view points. The most beautiful view of the entire Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise)  used to be from Smetana’s lookout near Rváčov and from the flat top of Ředice hill. There is an interesting view from a ski jump in the V Popelkách ski resort. The Lomnice area is also attractive as a peaceful location.

Železnice – the settlement was started along the ancient provincial Hradec route. Archaeological discoveries document the existence of prehistoric iron processing. After a big fire in 1832, the town was rebuilt in the Classicist style. The new development is an example of an Empire unit (urban conservation area). The Municipal Ethnographic Museum houses ethnographic and archaeological collections and a period shop display with original furniture. The housing of ordinary people is represented by a log house from 1789. There is also an exhibition of paintings by F. Kaván. At the end of the town, you can visit Prášilův mlýn, a functional mill. There is a great view of the Jičín basin from the top of nearby Železný hill (370 m above sea) where a guardhouse used to stand.

Bradlec the castle was located on two basalt hills and provided excellent defence against any attackers. The remains of three tower walls and wall fragments and building outlines have been preserved. Freely accessible.


Náměstí Svobody, Železnice, 507 13