Karlov, a local part of Lomnice nad Popelkou, was declared a folk architecture preserve.

The square in Karlov is a characteristic example of top wooden Baroque urbanism in the region of the Krkonoše. Its base is a large rectangular square. Karlov development comprises unified single-floor timbered houses with lowered halls and richly carved gables that are directed towards the square. To underline the main symbol of the newly built part of the town - the name Karlov - in 1874 a sandstone sculpture was erected in the middle of the square, depicting the Virgin Mary of Karlov, the patron of pregnant and infertile women. In addition, there is a little fountain. The upper part of the square is decorated with a sculpture of St. Procopius.

In the past, the Karlov square was used for traditional village fairs, cattle trading, etc. In the sixties, there were attempts to declare this locality a monument reserve, and there was a plan to demolish the houses in the upper part of the square and to move in partially damaged valuable houses from the surroundings.

Karlov was declared a monument reserve of folk architecture on 25th July 1995.

Lomnice nad Popelkou

Karlovské náměstí, Lomnice nad Popelkou, 512 51

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