Folk architecture in Sobotka

Nowhere in the region will you find as many typical wooden structures as in the Sobotka area.

The small square is the most beautiful and best-preserved collection of wooden structures in the Czech Republic. Most buildings come from the 18th century. All Sobotka houses in the square had stores on the ground floor, next to the entrances. It is interesting that the gables of these houses are only very plain, although they are usually richly decorated in the surrounding villages.

In 1995, Vesec u Sobotky was declared a rural conservation area. The Czech okrouhlice (a circular arrangement of houses) has been preserved here; it includes eighteen, mostly log houses that represent different types of homesteads.

Other log buildings of the Sobotka style can be found in the village of Nepřívec, located north of Sobotka.

In the village of Stéblovice, you can admire a number of nice log cabins such as Nos. 5, 6, 15, 21, 29, and others. At the highest point in the village, you can see a stone cross from 1864, made in the naive folk style. Stéblovice is 4 km northeast of Sobotka.

The village of Střehom is situated at the end of the charming Plakánek Valley, 3 km west of Sobotka. Several log houses have been preserved here. House No. 3 dates from1802 and No. 7 from 1799. Near the village, you can also find Buškovský Pond and the former Buškovský Mill. 


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