The Žaltman lookout tower, one of the best-known destinations in the Jestřebí Hory Mountains, is situated near Úpice.

The iron structure with a spiral staircase is located at 739 metres above sea level. The lookout tower was opened in 1976. From the top, you can enjoy fabulous views of the whole area of the Jestřebí Hory. In addition, you can see the Krkonoše, the Rýchory, the Vraní Hory, the Adršpašsko-Teplické Skály, the Soví and the Javoří Hory, the rock walls of Broumovské Stěny, the regions of Úpicko and Hronovsko, the Orlické Hory, Mount Králický Sněžník, Zvičina, Kumburk and Trosky. To the east, you can identify the Stolové Hory (Góry Stołowe, Poland) while at the southern side you may see as far as to Rozkoš Lake (region of Hradec Králové).