The originally rock lookout on the side of Muchov Hill - 600 m was changed into a brick lookout tower with a staircase.

The tower was built on order by Johann Mayer, an owner of a spinning-factory in Tanvald, who named it after his wife Terezie. In 1845, Johann Mayer - who lived with his family in Vienna - had a villa built as a summer house (the nearby Bálovka).

The Terezínka lookout tower is well-accessible from Tanvald (use the red tourist trail). The walk may be extended by a hike to a rock block of Muchov (787 metres above sea level): a legend says that the hill is the residence of Muhu, the guardian spirit of the Jizerské Hory.

Locality: at the side of Muchov, to the south of Tanvald.


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